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WGB Designs

Having my own kids in bis I recently I started exploring how I could support others in the same position, I asked people to give a little shout out to any kids in bis that they might know & came across WBG Designs.

WBG Designs is a company established by two best friends, William and Brody, whose surnames coincidentally both start with the letter G.

About a year back the boys got a Cricut machine to make crafts for their family and each other, which they found joy in. In December 2022, they received the Barefoot Investor Kids book for Christmas and expressed their desire to start making cards to sell. As parents, Stacey & Renee welcomed the idea as it meant less time spent on Netflix and YouTube, and so began their journey with WBG Design.

Stacey and Renee are instrumental in assisting the boys with their business by ordering supplies, driving them to markets, and managing their finances. While their mothers play a supportive role in the business, the boys are responsible for selling, interacting with customers, handling transactions, and paying for market stall fees.

They create a variety of cards, including greeting cards, birthday cards, wedding cards, engagement cards, sympathy cards, new baby cards, and anniversary cards. These cards are crafted from blank card stock using a cricut to cut patterns and designs, which are then assembled, placed in plastic sleeves, labelled, and finished.

They also create keyrings from scratch, including acrylic keyrings with vinyl names/words and beaded keyrings and lanyards. They manually thread beads, tie knots, choose colours, and assemble them. A real labour of love.

As they continue to expand so does the range of goods they offer, a few months back they added a variety of tumblers, including wine, coffee, and general drink tumblers, which are sourced as blank products and customized with various designs suitable for occasions such as Mother's Day, teacher appreciation, and birthdays.

If you don’t see a product, you want don’t let that stop you from asking as the boys are experimenting to determine what works and what doesn't work for both vinyl and printed materials. So perhaps your question will take them all that bit further in their business.

Who would have thought two boys would be selling into the bridal industry but one of their most popular items are their "Bridal boxes" which include things like small makeup bags, tumblers, stubby holders, key rings to make up packs for bridesmaids & of course all personalised.

At the age of 12/13, they have a business that they love and enjoy. They find the creative side of it to be fulfilling and take pride in their work. They often have "crafting days" to spend time together and create new things. Their business is not only fun, but it also provides them with a little bit of pocket money allowing them to do the other things in life they love.

So, if you’d like to support kids in business over big retail reach out to William & Brody or Mums Stacey and Renee to see what they can create just for you.

But also, support can come in the way of sharing a post, following their socials & engaging with them.

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