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Stitched by Stevie

Meet Stevie, one of the first kids in business we met, being side by side at a local market.

Stevie has created her little business called Stitched by, Stevie will soon be celebrating her 12th birthday.

Stevie set out about a year ago & honestly, her sewing skills are next level for her age.

Stevie makes most things she sells herself, from hair accessories, clothes, dog bandannas and bracelets along with her handmade items she also sources claw clips to add to her range of beautiful goodies. I noticed recently that Stevie has started adding t-shirts to her range.

Of course, being a kid Stevie still requires a little bit of help from Mum with getting to & from markets, setting up for selling, pricing up items & helping manage the money side of things.

While drawing dresses at school one day, a friend asked if I was starting a business. Although I initially said no, I thought it was a good idea. However, due to the difficulty in creating dresses as a 10-year-old, my mom suggested making scrunchies instead, which eventually grew into a business.

It brings Stevie so much joy to witness her products being worn and used in the world by people. So, get onboard give her a little follow on Instagram & next time you need to put your hair up shoot her a message to see what she might have, I recently scooped up 5 beautiful scrunchies for my messy mum bun.

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